Top 5 Business Tools to Automate, Add Efficiency and Increase Your Bottom Line

Let’s face it.  The recent technological revolution has made the concept of “best practices” a moving target.  As companies attempt to keep pace with the competition, sometimes the most difficult decisions involve adopting new tools just to keep up.  Take a walk down the cereal aisle at your local mega-grocery store and you have a close metaphor for the issues facing the business world.  You have to eat something so you can keep moving, but with so many choices how do you make the best purchases to maximize your money, time and effort.  Here is a quick list of the top 5 business tools to help outmaneuver your competition and avoid a headache in the process.

Accounting, Billing, Invoicing & Estimating

Simply Invoices – Let me throw this out there…I love 37 Signals; they make effective software.  Simply Invoices is a web-based application integrated with 37 Signals’ Basecamp API.  The program, built by Roobasoft, is designed to bring a Zen level of simplicity to the invoicing process.  With additional integration into the Tick time tracking application, Simply Invoices offers a plug and play solution that can services a wide range of companies.  Simply Invoices is one of those tools that will give you the incentive to make the jump away from the bulky invoicing system that you are currently using.

Collaboration Tools

Basecamp – This elegant collaboration suite is one of the most respected project management tools among small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers.  Ask someone who is familiar with Basecamp and you are likely to get a positive review.  If you are looking for a product to help assign tasks, meet deadlines, centralize feedback, and make your clients happy, then you should check out Basecamp.  With a full API available, Basecamp has a variety of add-on applications, like the previously mentioned Simply Invoices, to help customize the service to your needs.

The Hiring Process

Newton – If you are looking for a powerful tool to help bring sanity to your hiring process, look no further.  Newton is a web-based recruiting software application designed to make hiring simple.  Newton’s recruiting software handles all of the operational tasks associated with recruiting from hosting your careers website to providing you a 360 degree view of your hiring process.  Newton provides hiring software with an emphasis on core feature that help you save time and become more efficient.

Making Your Pitch

DimDim – If your company ever has a virtual presentation, DimDim is your dream solution.  This free, web conferencing application allows you to share your desktop and make high-quality, virtual presentations over the internet.  If your sales team is limited in the number off on-site pitches they can make, this application will help increase their range and get a fire started under your new business process.

Communication Systems

RingCentral – This amazingly powerful virtual PBX system is essentially a full-service phone system in a box.  RingCentral’s web-hosted application provides all the functionality of an in-house PBX system with additional flexibility to boot.  All calls are registered and stored online along with messages and dynamic usage reports.  RingCentral provides a number of bells and whistles such as easy to use extensions and call routing features.  The best part is the price.  If you want the top financial investing tools online, check out RingCentral.

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